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Congratulations is in order for my good friend Jensa on his first finished book project! It should be in stores soon, and is already available on some norwegian online book stores. The bad news for most of the people of the world is that the book is in Norwegian – a language only 0,09% of the world population actually uses from day to day.

The book is about the concepts of Flash MX. The title “Forstå Flash MX – Fra topp til bunn”, or “Understand Flash, from top to bottom”. Its covers such topics as symbols, hierarchies, optimalization, pictures, video, sound, printing and publishing. So, if you understand norwegian (highly unlikely), then go check out his book right away – OR take a look at the site that has been built to support the book – Intoflash.com. Its all in norwegian, and so is the discussion forum for the book and for Flash in general. Finally a norwegian discussion forum for Flash!

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