Flash site deaths update

Jason Key (Flash Distracted) has written about “Flash Resources in Flux“, good someone is taking the time to make up status for the Flash resources right now.

Better yet, take the time to tell Jason (or me) which sites you think are alive and working resources for Flash developers and designers right now. Come on, give us some feedback! ;-)

3 thoughts on “Flash site deaths update”

  1. Jarle,

    I will get hold of the Dura Brothers on this as well, and lets stir the pot as it were. With some of the more mainstream writers that contributed so much thusfar being sequestered away on other projects or too tired or too busy to write, perhaps it is time to see who is getting busy to fill their shoes.

    It is in all our best interests as developers and designers to get our resources in line and the Dura’s are working to help provide us with some more ideas along this train of thought. I will try and post more myself as it helps me keep my head on too. Everyone is busy, and the economic front is tedious to watch. So lets do what we do best and try and have some fun going in new directions.

    Thanks for the notice, and keep up your good work as well!!

    Jason Key

  2. Hey Jarle,

    I know this has been mentioned quite a few times, but were-here.com is truly missed. I really felt “at home” there. So, as a result, I have become, in a sense, “homeless” in the forum realm.

    By this I mean that (I feel) there is no one particular forum that had members with such dedication and experience. So, I guess I’m still ‘looking’ for a forum to call ‘home’.

    Anyway, I’ll list some resources below and give a little explanation of why I like/dislike them. I hope this is sort of what you’re looking for…

    Ultrashock.com – great resources, forums, but I hardly frequent the site because they force 1) framesets and 2) somewhat intense Flash/Javascript navigation upon my browser. Is this an issue? It is for me – it seems to crash every browser on every machine I use. And it slows down any other Flash content.

    flash-db.com – I haven’t spent much time here, but it looks good…

    flashkit.com – Probably one of my favorites. Much of the community seems to contribute here in some way. I think they need to have stricter requirements for Flash examples and tutorials though… many of them show bad uses of Flash.

    chattyfig.figleaf.com – anyone who is anyone is here. There’s enough going on at Chattyfig to compile a book every week or so :)

    http://www.thedevilneversleeps.com/flog/ and fullasagoog.com/ – great ways to stay on top of what’s going on. They bring much traffic to hollowcube.com :)

    http://www.whatisflash.com – I’m very involved in this project, so of course I think it’s important. But so do 105+ other designers/developers who have signed up within the first month of its existence. It’s still in its infancy, but it has much potential.

    There are sooo many other resources out there. These are just a few off the top of my head. Hope this helps!

  3. Sorry, I cannot add a resource…

    But what I want to say, be careful with the use of flash! Personally I don’t like Flash! Ok, it looks good, but it loads terrible slowly!

    And you have to know, search engines cannot read flash…


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