How (some of) the world view USA

Interesting rant from Canadian “blogger” Mark Prince. It echoes a lot of peoples sentiments about the United States: Big Brother Cometh

Personally I have noted that a lot of people seem to become more and more negative to Americans in general. Something I don’t think is fair, after all – there is good and bad people in America as in any other country. But the US of A does have a image problem. One which can’t be fixed by anything other than a change in attitude toward the rest of the world.

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  1. In my opinion it is the current Bush Administration and their policies that are in my opinion unfairly ruining the reputation of the USA. I am an ex pat Brit and it is 100% the technology revolution that has changed my life for the better. And argue as some might that largely is due to the USA. Without the great people of this country we would probably have the Internet. We just need to get Bush and his cronies out of power.

  2. I read Mark’s rant and cringed… not because I disagree with his thoughts, but rather, I am uncomfortable with his broad target, “the U.S.”


    Millions of us are fed up with the current administration, which is hugely an embarrassment and a danger to our country’s future. We vote, many of us peacefully protest (or attempt to do so), we write letters to the editor, and we write related entries in our blogs ;)

    But at the end of the day, we Americans cannot, individually, be held responsible for the sins of our government. I wish much of Mark’s anger would have been more tightly aimed at Bush and his cronies, rather than those of us citizens who are suffering from enough pain and humiliation already.

  3. I think it is important to understand that when most of us outside of the US of A talks about USA or America needing to wise up, its usually refering to the goverment and the powers that be. Those are the ones in power, and the ones that should make sure that the country keeps its nose clean, not to mention dosen’t bully other countries…

  4. Maybe so Jarle. It is all to easy to fall into the generalized statements trap. A wise man I read typed something like this.”Well worth taking the time to read, may even make some americans understand that war isn’t a computer game.”….Jarle :)

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