Gadgets galore

Just a quick linkdump. Feel free to suggest good gadget sites I should visit.

  • Gizmodo – probably one of the best known gadget sites around these days. Well worth a visit if you want to stay current on the latest gizmos
  • Engadget – run by the guy that built up Gizmodo to its fame and fortune. Not at all a copy of Gizmodo.
  • I4U – if you read the previous two, some of the news might be old to you when you get to I4U, but its a cool site with interesting technews
  • Kevin Kellys Cool Tools – this guy always serves up the most interesting tools, gadgets, hardware, a real eclectic selection of stuff you could lust for
  • MoCoLoco – focuses on design and the “at home” kind of gadgets. You will guarenteed find something to spend off all your money on.

2 thoughts on “Gadgets galore”

  1. ThinkGeek looks to me more like a online store than a online magazine. Sorry to say, but ThinkGeek is not the first place I go for news about gadgets.

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