Simplistic IBM?

“Simplifying Tasks” is a cool poster about ease of use and simplifying tasks, its just too bad that the people that made their web pages obviously haven’t understood the concept. IBM – Ease of Use – Simplifying Tasks Check out the “easy” ordering “link” they are using :-D

Deep linking

Doc Searls and John Dowdell is two of many that have picked up on the interesting linking policy over at What are organizations thinking when they start to tell people to ask for permission before linking? And what are they doing about various search engines, such as Google? Not to mention, what legal options…… Continue reading Deep linking

The war on terror statement

I promise that I won’t be peddeling politics on my weblog. But this statement on the war on terror from some prominent americans deserves some attention: We won’t deny our consciences

Fight the CBDTPA

The Electronic Frontier Foundation Action Center has chosen to use Flash to make a fun animation about the CBDTPA, but the issue is serious enough. Big media corporations are trying to take away ownership from the consumers and make you and me pay for every single version of a digital work we consume. Imagine having…… Continue reading Fight the CBDTPA

OpenOffice 1.0

At the beginning of this month OpenOffice released version 1.0 of their office suite. I haven’t had the time to check it out before now. I used to use Sun’s StarOffice (which is now out in version 6.0, selling for about 80 dollars). OpenOffice 1.0 is an impressive package, and is replacing StarOffice 5.2 on…… Continue reading OpenOffice 1.0

More Internet Explorer vulnerabilities

If you are a Windows/Internet Explorer user, please pay attention. Quote from the Technote: Impact of vulnerability: Six new vulnerabilities, the most serious of which could allow code of attacker’s choice to run. Solution? Get the 2 MB security fix from Microsoft or Get the fastest browser on earth (Opera). Its also a good browser…… Continue reading More Internet Explorer vulnerabilities

Not surprising

How Microsoft Went After Linux Kempin recommended that computer makers who were not “friendly” with Microsoft should be hit “harder than in the past with anti-Linux actions.” Somehow I am neither shocked nor surprised.

Macromedia VS Adobe 1-1

The battle in the courts move on, and this time Macromedia scores. Yahoo – Macromedia Wins Patent Counterclaims Trial Against AdobeMacromedia, Inc. (Nasdaq: MACR – News) today announced that a jury ruled in its favor in a counterclaims suit against Adobe Systems. The verdict included a damage award of $4.9 million. Macromedia intends to ask…… Continue reading Macromedia VS Adobe 1-1

Hoopla and Verisign

Seems it is wise to stay far away from Verisign. On a related note, we have been moving domains from Verisign for a while at Webhead since Verisign has failed to supply us with anything resembling an ISP tool. We did however consider using them for our own and clients payment systems, but reading horror…… Continue reading Hoopla and Verisign