eMacs for everyone?

Wired writes today: Grads Want to Study on EMacs, Too Too bad its not for sale in Norway. A G4 for $1.000 would have been something. If you are a student in the US; congrats!

Macromedia MX

Macromedia has a bunch of announcements today. Hopefully all the new exciting stuff won’t overwhelm people too much. The press releases (for those of you that are inclined to read those): Macromedia Unveils New Integrated Product Family Macromedia Studio MX Delivers Rich Internet Applications Macromedia – Flash MX : Macromedia Flash Remoting Macromedia Introduces Dreamweaver…… Continue reading Macromedia MX


India: Hole-in-the-Wall An Indian physicist puts a PC with a high speed internet connection in a wall in the slums and watches what happens. Based on the results, he talks about issues of digital divide, computer education and kids, the dynamics of the third world getting online. Interesting story, found it on John’s weblog, originally…… Continue reading Hole-in-the-wall

More security problems found in IE

If you are using Internet Explorer as your browser, using the back button could expose you to malicious code. Microsofts reaction? «because the proposed exploit scenario is dependent upon specific user interaction as a prerequisite, it does not meet our definition of a security vulnerability.» Another Big MS Browser Hole Found The security fix? Switch…… Continue reading More security problems found in IE

Not enought hours in the day?

Los Angeles Times writes: What if you could take a pill and stretch your day–by skipping sleep? That sounds like the stuff of science fiction, but a drug called Provigil could make it possible. Studies have shown that this new medication allows people to remain awake and attentive when their bodies normally crave shut-eye, without…… Continue reading Not enought hours in the day?

Music machines

Wired has an interesting article in their latest issue, about 6 machines that changed the music world. Its all about how technology made to do one thing, ends up doing something completely different and at the same time makes a small revolution. Almost like some other technologies I am involved with.. Wired 10.05: Six Machines…… Continue reading Music machines

Copy Protection Bill Introduced

If you thought the Digital Millennium Copyright Act was bad, wait till you read about the the Consumer Broadband and Digital Television Promotion Act (CBDTPA). This law could have crippeling effect on computer eqiptment and use of it – not only in the US – but all over the world.. Copy Protection Bill Introduced