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Nikken bullies

I have never liked threats. Especially when they come from big corporations that try to stifle any dissenting voices.

In this case its Nikken, a MLM company that sells “magic magnets” (I won’t say what I think they are, in fear of being sued).

So far I have received a letter (You can see it if you want, its in the “more” section of this post – but be warned, its in Swedish – and NO, its not written by the Swedish chef, unfortunately).

In brief the letter seems to indicate that Nikken UK thinks I have violated their copyright just by mentioning their company, and linking to fellow Norwegian blogger Morten Wang. Morten has been an avid researcher of the activities of Nikken and their products. For reference, take a look at his Nikken Archives (In english).

Let me just briefly translate the most important parts of the e-mail I recived from Nikken today:

Vi har nyligen uppmärksammat att du har information om Nikken UK Ltd. på internet. Du är inte tillåten att marknadsföra Nikken på något sätt på internet. Om du även visar Nikkens produkter, så bryter du mot copyright lagar.

Vi ber dig formellt att avlägsna all information om Nikken från din sida/sidor och svara skriftligt att den/dom är avlägsnade innan den 11.02.2004.


“We recently discovered that you have information about Nikken UK LTD. on the internet. You are not allowed to market Nikken in any way on the internet. If you even show Nikken products you violate copyright laws.

We ask you formally to remove all information about Nikken from your page/pages and in respond in writing by the 11th of february 2004”

The copyrighted information I am supposed to have published? A short story about Morten Wangs writings and research about Nikken, its products, distributors and “MLM” type business.

If you know norwegian, you are welcome to check out the initial posting about Nikken.