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U.S. frees three teens from Guantanamo base

The afghan children are being released after having been held for about a year as “unlawful combatants”. Its good news, kind of: U.S. frees 3 teens at Guantanamo base Its good news as long as we ignore the facts that the treatment of these teens, and all other prisoners at Guantanamo bay is against international […]

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How (some of) the world view USA

Interesting rant from Canadian “blogger” Mark Prince. It echoes a lot of peoples sentiments about the United States: Big Brother Cometh Personally I have noted that a lot of people seem to become more and more negative to Americans in general. Something I don’t think is fair, after all – there is good and bad […]

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Bush in 30 seconds finalists

The 15 finalists of the “Bush in 30 Seconds” advertising contest has been announced: Bush in 30 Seconds finalists A lot of thought-provoking ads among the finalists, with the first one on the list – “Child’s play” being my personal favourite. And the finalists does not include the much talked about Hitler ads, which never […]

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Bush has already lost the war

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | ‘Bush has already lost the war’ Iraqi civilian deaths bring mounting pressure on US-led coalition “Even before the dust cleared from the bloody scenes at a Baghdad market where at least 14 people were killed … in a US-led air-strike, it was apparent that the Iraq war had taken […]

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