U.S. frees three teens from Guantanamo base

The afghan children are being released after having been held for about a year as “unlawful combatants”. Its good news, kind of: U.S. frees 3 teens at Guantanamo base

Its good news as long as we ignore the facts that the treatment of these teens, and all other prisoners at Guantanamo bay is against international law.


Bush in 30 seconds Live from NYC

pay_sm.jpgSacrificing some night sleep to watch the “Bush in 30 seconds” awards show direct from Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC via streaming video. Isn’t the Internet great?

Check out the finalists and the information about them

So far, we have these winners:

Animation Ad
“What I Been Up To…” by Ty Pierce and Mark Wolfe.

Youth Market Ad
“Bring It On” by Jared Ewy, Angel Sexton and Drew Adams.
(My personal favourite so far, unfortunately not a contender in the main category).

Funniest ad
“If Parents Acted Like Bush” by Christopher Fink, Valerie Schwanneman, Rebecca Schwanneman and Debra Ladner Fink

Now of course, the connection to the broadcast is down – so who knows if I will get to see the winner of the main category…

Later… Finally back with the web broadcast. Michael Moore talking about how the web has become a powerful weapon for the people, taking away a lot of power from the tinted media world. Great to see so many thousands of contributions to the contest.

And now.. the main category winner is…….
Child’s play”, by Charlie Fisher of Denver, CO


How (some of) the world view USA

Interesting rant from Canadian “blogger” Mark Prince. It echoes a lot of peoples sentiments about the United States: Big Brother Cometh

Personally I have noted that a lot of people seem to become more and more negative to Americans in general. Something I don’t think is fair, after all – there is good and bad people in America as in any other country. But the US of A does have a image problem. One which can’t be fixed by anything other than a change in attitude toward the rest of the world.


Bush in 30 seconds finalists

The 15 finalists of the “Bush in 30 Seconds” advertising contest has been announced: Bush in 30 Seconds finalists

A lot of thought-provoking ads among the finalists, with the first one on the list – “Child’s play” being my personal favourite.

And the finalists does not include the much talked about Hitler ads, which never were parts of the finalists.


Bush has already lost the war

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | ‘Bush has already lost the war’

Iraqi civilian deaths bring mounting pressure on US-led coalition

“Even before the dust cleared from the bloody scenes at a Baghdad market where at least 14 people were killed … in a US-led air-strike, it was apparent that the Iraq war had taken a deeply disturbing turn. Coalition plans to advance on the capital are changing as US and British forces first deal with the resistance in the south …”