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jon_stewart_2004.jpgRick Ellis writes a good piece about the Daily Show, Jon Stewart, Crossfire and Novaks reactions after the fact.

I think Rick is dead on when he writes

You can see just one small indication of the problems facing old media by looking at the aftermath of Stewart’s “Crossfire” appearance.

While Friday’s show received decent numbers for an episode of “Crossfire,” that’s not the way that most people viewed it. Videos of the show were passed around online last weekend, from sites such as iFilm (where more than a half a million people have already looked at the video), to methods such as BitTorrent.

While it’s difficult to know for sure, my best guess is that the show has probably been seen by at least ten times as many people online as the original broadcast. And that’s without CNN providing an “official” feed of the episode.

The people who watched the show online are not typical CNN viewers. In fact, I suspect many of them would agree with Stewart’s assessment that “Crossfire” is depressing to watch. And yet viewers sought out the show, in ways that Robert Novak can scarcely comprehend.

Read the whole story: Everything You Think You Know About ‘The Daily Show’ Is Wrong

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Daily Shows Jon Stewart on Crossfire

crossfire.jpgAuthor and fake news anchor Jon Stewart was guest on CNNs Crossfire last friday. Rather than plugging his show and book Stewart took Crossfires Paul Begala and Tucker Carlson to school and said Crossfire was hurting America.

The show turned into a discussion about Crossfires and medias failure to make politicians accountable and to ask the tough and real questions instead of just following the spin.

I thought it was a very interesting edition of Crossfire, and I hope (although, I wouldn’t place much money on it) that Tucker, Paul & co at Crossfire hears what Jon said and tries to start asking the real tough questions and starts having a real debate show – rather than just providing entertainment and spin.

The Crossfire show is available as Torrent download

CNN has a transcript of the show

And there is some interesting comments about it here:

TWoP Forums

The blogging of the president: Jon Stewart in the Crossfire


Foreign outcries about American politics – impacting the vote or pissing everyone off?

Anders writes about the norwegian ad against the Bush administration and the english call for action to sway voters in the US. The question, will it work or just piss everyone off?

Impacting the vote or pissing everyone off?


Norwegians against Bush

The grass root movement runs an ad in todays Washington Post where the movement articulates that the Norwegian government is not with the people when supporting George W. Bush and his was in Iraq.

See the Washington Post ad [PDF]

For those of you without PDF reader, I have included the letter in the extended entry for this post.


George W Bush : Because he says so

bush-because.jpgFunny “commercial for” W. Bush: George W. Bush’s Words

If you wonder who the real flip-flopper is, watch this video by The Daily Show.


How to deal with a spinner


Finally someone has given us an example to follow on how to deal with a spinner.

Chris Matthres of the MSNBC program Hardball nails Michelle Malkin to the wall for trying to spin John Kerry as having shot himself to earn a purple heart.

DV Guide : HOWTO Deal with a Spinner: MSNBC’s Chris Matthews

[Update] Here you can see the video without having to install Bit Torrent (if it wasn’t already)


Must see: John Kerry in interview with Jon Stewart

dailyshow-kerry.gifThe fake news show “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” has interviewed Senator John Kerry.


Fahrenheit 9/11

New York Times article about Michael Moore award winning movie

Fahrenheit 9/11: Frank Rich (NY Times): Michael Moore’s Candid Camera.

Of course, Mr. Moore is being selective in what he chooses to include in his movie; he’s a polemicist, not a journalist. But he implicitly raises the issue that much of what we’ve seen elsewhere during this war, often under the label of “news,” has been just as subjectively edited. Perhaps the most damning sequence in “Fahrenheit 9/11” is the one showing American troops as they ridicule hooded detainees in a holding pen near Samara, Iraq, in December 2003. A male soldier touches the erection of a prisoner lying on a stretcher underneath a blanket, an intimation of the sexual humiliations that were happening at Abu Ghraib at that same time. Besides adding further corroboration to Seymour Hersh’s report that the top command has sanctioned a culture of abuse not confined to a single prison or a single company or seven guards, this video raises another question: why didn’t we see any of this on American TV before “60 Minutes II”?

Interesting to note the difference in coverage of the awards given the movie in Cannes in the US and here in Norway. While the US coverage seems to label the movie as “Anti-bush”, the norwegian coverage talks about the movie as critical to the war and the U.S. administration.

[Via Dan Gillmor]


Rumsfelds deception

Interesting to note that the Bush government, and Rumsfeld in particular is denouncing ever having made Saddam out to be an immanent threat to the USA. has picked up the ball with the distribution of a video clip they describe like this:

Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld got caught blatantly contradicting his past statements, and we have the video clip.

You can watch the video at – Caught on video is calling for censure. Wanting congress to reprimand Bush and his government for misleading the American public.

We must demand, at a minimum, that Congress censure the President. It’s our Representatives’ duty to formally reprimand him for misleading us. And we’ve got to demand it today, while they’re debating their anniversary resolution.

Somehow I doubt that a congress held by the Republicans will be likely to reprimand a Republican President.


Banned on CBS: MoveOn’s ‘Child’s pay’.

The Bush In 30 Seconds ad contest held earlier this month resulted in the winning 30 second entry Child’s pay that was supposed to be aired during the Super Bowl today.

It seems the Child’s pay ad from MoveOn was too much for CBS, and they claim they won’t run it because they don’t run “issue ads”.

Now, it seems CBS has run issue ads before: DaveNet : Is CBS Lying?.

MoveOn has posted the following information about the CBS refusal to run the ad:

CBS is refusing to run the winning ad, “Child’s Pay,” on the Super Bowl. Watch the ad and join the nonpartisan effort calling on CBS to run public interest advocacy advertising like ours. Even if CBS won’t air the ad, we’re not going to let that stop us. During the Super Bowl half time show, at 8:10 and 8:35pm EST switch over to CNN to watch the ad CBS won’t air. And let us know you’re joining the one-minute boycott

[Update] American Samizdat has a good collection of links to articles about CBS banning the ad.