Joost invites

If you know someone using Joost, then you have a way of getting an invite. Now its open for everyone that knows someone that has a Joost account. OK, I see I have to update: I will give you a Joost invite, but its not free for all anymore. The Joost invitation system is a royal pain in the ass, so the effort I put in to give you an invite has to be countered by an effort by you to do something for me. Alas: You scratch my back, …

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Joost in public beta

Joost invites are VERY popular these days. If you don’t know what Joost is – let me tell you. Its the new “product” of the creators of Skype and Kazaa. Its a streaming peer-to-peer TV-network. You should check out Joost!Hopefully I will be able to give away some invites soon too, so stay tuned! The really unfair thing is that I have been on Joosts list of willing beta testers since forever, and never got one.

The Adobe Creative Suite rip-off

What is Adobe thinking? Have they decided that americans are poor and europeans are filthy ritch, and that a product should cost twice as much in Europe as it does in the US? It appears so. has this story: CS3 international pricing insane showing the disgusting mugging of european customers by Adobe. There is a petition going on, so if you are also disgusted by the price policy of Adobe – then you should really take a minute to sign the petition!

Flash CS3 on the way has a first look at what is to come in the new Flash CS3. Flash CS3 Preview – Flashmagazine Although this is the third iteration of Adobes Creative Suite, for many of us, this is the first true test of the acquisition of Macromedia by Adobe a year and half ago. And based on what we have had a chance to see, it appears the first thing on the agenda was integration. Among the enhancements: Better performance for the new virtal machine and ActionScript 3, better integration with the …

Flash CS3 on the way Read More » skriver om meg har meg som toppsak for øyeblikket, men har linket feil. For å finne mer om min blogging om og Nettkatalogen – se min norske blogg. In English: Norwegian newspaper has published an article about lawsuit letters I have been getting from the lawyers of Bedriftsguiden and Nettkatalogen – two internet catalog companies. The threats follows me blogging about these two companies. If you know norwegian you can read the article about the whole ordeal. And my original article about Bedriftsguiden In English, feel free to read … skriver om meg Read More »

Bedriftsguiden – Norwegian internet catalog with threatening letters

Bedriftsguiden and their lawyer has threatened me with suing me for damages. They claim I am in competition with them and that my writings about their service in my original blogentry Bedriftsguiden and their somewhat dodgy ways of marketing themselves are in violation with Norwegian marketing law. I know how this looks, I seem to be a magnet for letters from norwegian internet catalogs. I guess they don’t like the spotlight and digging I am doing on them – but lawyers and possible lawsuits will not stop me.

CSS hacks and Internet Explorer 7

To follow up on the CSS frustrations for IE 6 post: Here is the way to go about dealing with hacking CSS for IE 7 and all its likely quirks with CSS: Easy CSS hacks for IE7 I really wish I won’t have any use for it, but I fear I will be using it a lot in the years to come. [Via FWW Posten]

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