VI is for wimps

Thanks to Michael for reminding me of this webgem. Its about how VI, and how its wimpy to use it (obviously) for those of you not knowing VI, its an impressive editor – just a little rough for new comers and everyone grown up with something other than a command prompt as the GUI for a computer. (Alas, no fancy menus and all keyboard shortcuts), the only editor that is less new-user friendly is ED. Still VI is one of my favorite editors when dealing with config files etc. on […]

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Useful Internet Explorer extension!

This is just so cool. iSpell is a spelling tool that works directly in Internet Explorer to spell check everything you put into input fields. :-) It has support for US-english, canadian english, UK english and something they call ‘common english’. And its free for personal and not-for-profit use. Now I can stop cut ‘n pasting between programs when I am blogging. Only downside is that it kind of gets me stuck with IE again. [Via Burch]

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Optimaze! released

The Flash compression tool Optimaze! has been released by Ideaworks3D via Electric Rain in the US. The tool can now be bought at the Electric Rain website for US $129. The price might seem steep, but concidering the kind of work you would have to put in to even get close to its compression of the SWF files, the program easily pays for itself in reduced headackes and time spent doing manual optimization. What Optimaze! does is to simplify and compress the vector graphics in the SWF files. And it

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More Opera for Macromedia

Interesting announcement from the norwegian browser company Opera today: “Macromedia to Embed the Opera Browser in Web Authoring Products” Today, Opera Software announced an agreement with Macromedia, whereby the two companies will work together to integrate their products for the Mac platform. Opera will deliver a full-featured, embeddable version of its desktop browser to be integrated into a wide range of Macromedia Web development products. The anouncement has sparked some questions in the blog community about what this means for the Macromedia products. At the question was: Macromedia uses

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Making sketches was never this much fun

Denim is a really wicked cool project that the Group for User Interface Research at UC Berkley have been working on. I’ll be a little lazy and quote Branden from his posting (Its late here, ok? ;-): Denim is a pen-based Java application that you use to design working prototypes of web sites that consist entirely of sketches. You just sketch out the pages, draw lines between them, and they work! It is based on a SATIN, a toolkit that they developed for making pen-based applications in Java. Very cool

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Speech Recognition Grammar Specification

Robert Hall writes about W3Cs Speech Recognition Grammar Specification which today advanced to “Candidate Recommendation”. The standard itself is intersting enough, especially if all the vendors that have their own proporitary formats would at least add support for it. Robert has been working with speech for a while (see previous posting about his speaking blog). I have a strong feeling that speech recognition software coupled with speech synthesis and interesting programming should make for some interesting web experiences in the future. (Wired had an article about the adult aspects of

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Macromedia DevCon 2002

This years Macromedia DevCon has been titled “Architecting A New Internet Experience”, and looks to be one eventfull and amazing experience. If I had to choose only one conference to go to this year – Macromedia DevCon would be it. (Not that it looks like I will be able to attend, but one can always dream :-) For 4 days there is going to be technical sessions, workshops, hands-on training, etc. And its all about Macromedia’s products, of course. In total there will be over 100 sessions. The conference will

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Macromedia applying for Open Source License

On wednesday the 19th of June Tom Harwood of Macromedia Server Products, CFML Language Development posted a Lisence Approval Request for the “Macromedia Open Source License” to the Open Source Initiative You can follow the discussion/thread at the mailinglist. The reception of the request has been good, although the license in many ways appear as a vanity license, as pointed out in the discussion of the request and by Steve Mallett that picked up the posting to the list. In my opinion this is a good first step. hopefully

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Netscape 1997-2002

Scott Andrew has made a nice little “tribute” to Netscape Netscape 4.0 – 1997 – 2002 Lets put Netscape 4.0 to rest. I agree with Scott when he says: Netscape 4.0 is five years old today. That’s like 236 in Web years. Ancient. The Methuselah of browsers, kept alive on an IV drip of tag soup. BTW: The link at the top is NOT to his weblog posting, but to a very nice and artsy way of getting the point across that Netscape 4.0 now is ancient.

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