Spam fighting tools: Eudora 6.0 Beta

I have been following anti-spam tools for a while, and in the latest year there has been a boom of services and programs to fight spam – for reasons obvious to anyone with an e-mail account. But what has become painfully obvious is that the e-mail programs themselves have to change in order for user-friendly solutions to spam fighting to appear. Apple was one of the first to launch such an e-mail program with their OS X mail application, supporting Bayesian filtering. Eudora is about to take it to the […]

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More about Opera

No, I am not paid by Opera, but I thought this article in The Register was fun reading. You can’t trust a mother when she praises her child, but you can trust dear old Mum’s recommendation for a new piece of technology. The latest instance of approval from the matriarch followed her installation of the Opera browser. It seems with version 7.1 of Opera for Windows, a bunch of Norwegian programmers have done what Microsoft still can’t – make a browser that puts loads of good features right at any

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Unbelievable effort to support tags in IE ;-)

This is a funny bug found in Internet Explorer (and all other software where the HTML rendering libraries are used, such as Outlook and co.). By including &ltinput type crash> in your HTML code, it is actually possible to get Internet Explorer & co to crash! Talk about compliance. Check out the bug report: Secunia – Advisories – Microsoft Shell Light-Weight Utility Library Denial of Service Reportedly, the vulnerability can be exploited to crash the following applications: – Windows Explorer – Internet Explorer – Outlook – Outlook Express – Frontpage

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Interesting Gates interview about bugs in MS software

I knew this before, as it has been stated by marketing zombies at the Redmond company, but its the first time I have seen it states as blunt as in this interview with Mr. Gates himself. Basically: Microsoft does not release software to fix bugs. Many people would argue they don’t fix bugs at all, and after reading this interview, I would say that Mr. Gates all but confirms that. FOCUS Magazine Interview with Bill Gates: Microsoft Code Has No Bugs FOCUS: But there are bugs an any version which

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Large DVD collection?

Got a lot of DVDs and no time to get an overview of them? Hard to remember which DVDs you have from before? In that case, DVD Profiler is the program for you. Available for Win32 machines, and connected to its own database, DVD Profiler allows you to either enter the Bar-code number, scan the DVD with a bar-code reader, or scan the DVD ID from your DVD via your DVD-drive. It allows for export to XML and CVS files, and also gives you the ability to show your DVDs

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Director 9/MX right around the corner

Director MX should be just months away. I have a feeling that it will be announced during DevCon 2002. Looking forward to seeing information about how it integrates into Flash MX and the rest of the MX family. I suspect it will be called Director MX and join the MX family. (Or maybe I should rather say, I hope). Why am I so sure its right around the corner? Because Macromedia is already talking about it, which usualy means its a couple of months away.

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Geeks behind the scene of Lord Of The Rings

Just discovered Bjørn Hansen’s blogging from OSCON, the Friday 26th of July notes are really interesting: Open Source in VFX, its a short excerpt of the session held by Milton Ngan, the IT Manager for Peter Jackson’s Weta Graphics. I always liked the flashy machines from SGI (Although they have been falling behind for a long while now, IMHO), but its nice to see Linux taking over as the primary platform for the movie industry.

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Flash Printer

A cool new application from Blue Pacific (The company behind the Flash generator programs ASP Turbine and PHP Turbine) – Flash Printer Flash Printer gives you the ability to make SWFs the same way you make PDFs with Acrobat. So now you can make your Word documents into lightweight SWF files to later be quickly downloaded, displayed and printed. Currently the Flash Printer only runs on Windows 2000 and XP. When viewing the SWF file, you can flip and navigate pages, print, drag by a hand and zoom the page

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End User License Agreement strangeness from Macromedia

Matt Rice has discovered a strange EULA (End User License Agreement) from Macromedia. And at the same time he is proving that almost nobody ever reads those. The EULA in question is the license agreement for the Flash Communication Server Components. It basically states: You shall not (A) use the Developer Version for any application deployment in a live or stand-by production environment or staging environment, in each case, including, without limitation, in any environment accessed by application end-users including but not limited to servers, workstations, kiosks, and mobile computers,

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