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Spell check for your browser

More and more of my writing happens in the browser, with much of the text being inputed into forms. Whether it is typing articles for my blogs or commenting in others or doing most anything else. While some online applications have spell check built in, most doesn’t. That’s where a browser plug-in for spell checking […]

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How to fix Internet Explorer security holes

Yet another huge exploit in Internet Explorer discovered and published by Secunia The scary part? The exploit can easily allow any site you visit to create windows folders and files on your computer, and thereby destroy your windows installation, turn your machine into a spam zombie, turn your machine into remote storage for illegal material […]

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Futurama the game

A cool Flash site for the soon-to-be-released Futurama Game (PS 2 and XBox) Futurama the game Nice looking site, but having to wait forever (on 4 Mbit/s) everytime I make click a link is not fun. Not sure if its the site that has maxed out its bandwidth, or just poor design/programming.

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Spamnix for Eudora evolving

Eudora has always been my favorite mail application. It (almost) supports standard mailbox format (one mailbox = one file) so its easy to port mail from one platform to another, if configured right its virtually bulletproof against viruses, and it just works. My one gripe with it is that its only available for Windows and […]

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