More Google API

I hope you get to check out the Google Box I have added, using Sebastian Bergmann’s excellent Google API PHP class together with PEAR’s SOAP client (soon to get a homepage). Ohh, BTW: I can’t wait till someone connects Moveable Type with the Google spellcheck. The spellcheck Paolo Valdermarin calls “The most democratic dictionary” (well worth a read for an insight to the spellcheck / dictionary and how it possibly works). Until someone gets the spellcheck wired into MT, I guess I will have to live with Hypertext Webster Gateway. […]

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Finally updated Moveable type

Finnaly gotten around to update Moveable type today, so now we are at version 2.0 :-) I did it in part to be able to include searches from Google directly in my weblog, through the Google API – Josh Cooper has made available a hack for Moveable Type to make Google’s API work with it. I can get it to work, the only problem is that the building of the pages never stops, and that the process that it starts continues to hug as much cpu as possible from the

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Blogging: An Economist’s View

James D. Miller writes about weblogs and their future. In many ways he talks in the same way about weblogging and indepentent writers as other have before him about free and/or open source software, claming there is no economics in weblogs. I tend to disagree, still beliving in the economics of attention, best described by Michael H. Goldhaber in Attention Shoppers! in Wired’s decemeber issue 1997. James also makes the mistake of arguing that multimedia will be the killer of weblogs, since the flashier video/sound sites will take the attention

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Dan Gillmor on Journalism 3.0

Dan writes about his recent experience with how integrated weblogs have become already: Yesterday at PC Forum, I was part of a key moment in this evolution. I was blogging a session on wireless technology, and wrote something about SkyPilot, one of the presenting companies. Duncan Davidson, SkyPilot’s CEO, finished his presentation and sat on the podium, reading on his laptop, while other people talked. Then, in the Q&A, he corrected something I’d written in the blog. In other words, he’d caught this in near-real time and had better information

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Moveable Type 2.0

Version 2.0 of Moveable Type has been released. New features: Multiple category support: the ability to assign multiple categories per entry Multi-language date formatting: format your dates in 9 different languages Thumbnail creation: automatically create thumbnails from uploaded images Multiple archive templates per archive type Interface modifications: application navigation and icon improvements based on findings from usability testing done by CarbonIQ Power Edit screen: Apply title, category, or author changes to multiple entries — using one screen and all at once More sorting options for the MTEntries tag: alphabetical by

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