Setting up a Mobile Wireless Network

This is a cool story, about HighWLAN: A Driving Wireless Network. When Casey West and friends decided to drive from Pittsburgh to St. Louis they first thought about using cell-phones to communicate, but ended up (as true geeks) with the first known mobile Wi-Fi setup for communication. They threw in a cell-phone with an internet hookup, and voilà – they had a internet connected Wi-Fi network. Very cool and geeky!

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Wi-Fi in the park

Interesting article in the New York Times today: Escaping to Bryant Park, but Staying Connected to the Web It was the perfect collision of technology and nature, at least the way Oren Eckhaus, a Brooklyn photographer, describes it. He was surfing the Internet on his Apple Titanium PowerBook one day last week and a leaf fluttered in a light breeze and landed on his keyboard. “I’m surrounded by all this technology, and this leaf falls — that is so amazing,” Mr. Eckhaus said, sitting in the shade on a bench

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New tech-word: Warchalking

The picture above is an example of how warchalking might look like. Maybe not something that you understand instantly, but if you go over to Everything Burns and look at the proposal there, you might get a better idea of what it means. Warchalking is the hobo-language for free wireless networking, in short – a way for people to mark where good wireless networking is available. Sifry explains: Starting in London, people are marking WiFi spots in chalk on the street, called Warchalking. Just like the hobos of old, these

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