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Thats what I call a hotspot

Nice to see an airline really being cutting edge on technology. Together with Boeing, Lufthansa launches on-board WLAN service. With download speeds at 7 Mbit/s and upload starting at 128 Kbit/s (to be upgraded to 750 Kbit/s at a later date). I am wired and net-addicted enough for this to affect my choice of airline […]

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Setting up a Mobile Wireless Network

This is a cool story, about HighWLAN: A Driving Wireless Network. When Casey West and friends decided to drive from Pittsburgh to St. Louis they first thought about using cell-phones to communicate, but ended up (as true geeks) with the first known mobile Wi-Fi setup for communication. They threw in a cell-phone with an internet […]

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Wi-Fi in the park

Interesting article in the New York Times today: Escaping to Bryant Park, but Staying Connected to the Web It was the perfect collision of technology and nature, at least the way Oren Eckhaus, a Brooklyn photographer, describes it. He was surfing the Internet on his Apple Titanium PowerBook one day last week and a leaf […]

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Hobo Phil in search of bandwidth

Phillip Torrone sent me an e-mail today telling me about his latest creation: Hobo Phil. Hobo Phil is your Pocket PC guide to reading Warchalking, and also helps you connect to the Wi-Fi networks you might find on your way. Seems like a useful application for everyone with a Wi-Fi equipped Pocket PC

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New tech-word: Warchalking

The picture above is an example of how warchalking might look like. Maybe not something that you understand instantly, but if you go over to Everything Burns and look at the proposal there, you might get a better idea of what it means. Warchalking is the hobo-language for free wireless networking, in short – a […]

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A Big Mac and some Wi-Fi?

That’ll be US $12.50 a month. The Register writes about McDonald’s and Softbank that are set to deliver 4000 hotspots in McDonald’s resturants in Japan. McDonald’s serves WLAN broadband in Japan Now, thats an idea to take global..

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Sifry’s wi-fi alerts

David Sifry who runs the very interesting wi-fi company Sputnik that delivers community gateways, and enterprise solutions for 802.11 has his own weblog Sifry’s Alerts – continuously updated with links to news about Wi-fi.

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Wi-Fi/Wlan blog

If you are interested in Wi-Fi / Wlan, bluetooth and wireless technology in general, then Glenn Fleishman’s blog 802.11b Networking News is something for you. I am sure it will be a blog I will continue to visit almost every day.

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