PS3 Concept image


If this is anything like what the PS3 will look like, then sign me up for one right now!

The picture is a concept picture that has been floating around on the web lately.

More information about what we might expect from the PS3 has been revealed as well, from the VP of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. It appears we should expect motion detection and facial recognition technology to be a part of the PS3, which in turn should make for a lot of interesting applications, interfaces and last but not least – cooler games.


Gizmondo 1983

This is a cool retro version of a blog I haven’t been reading enough (it seems): Gizmodo 1983 – turn back the time 20 years and be impressed by the “new” gadgets.

Not all too original, Wired has run something simular – but it sure is a lot of fun remembering the former cool gadgets, and see how far we have come in 20 years. At the same time I can’t help but notice how little some things have changed too, concidering it has been two decades!

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E Ink and Phillips with paper-like display

InfoSync World has an article about Philips E Ink technology.

E Ink, Philips show paper-like display

Philips and E Ink have unveiled a new paper-like display prorotype at the Society for Information Display (SID) show, boasting higher resolution than anything seen before.


The display features a resolution at 160 pixels per inch (ppi), which is significantly higher than anything demonstrated previously. Enabled by continued improvement in E Ink’s electronic ink display material and Philips’ custom designed thin-film-transistor (TFT) backplane and driver electronics, the new displays are a result of the collaboration between the two companies that have been ongoing since early in 2001.

A picture of the device is also shown.


Finally about to hit the stores: Paperlike displays

epyrus.jpgThis is a technology that many different companies have been working on for quite some time now. And now, according to some press photos and a VERY brief “press release” on Siemens AG’s web site, it seems like it might be just around the corner:

Siemens AG – Siemens Innovations Paperlike Display

One application of the “paperlike display” seems to have be given the name epyrus, but it is quite impossible to find any more information anywhere about the unit. It seems to be a PDA type device (see picture).

Wired wrote an article about such displays and their possible uses in their 2000 August edition, titled “News flash“. Interesting article, both about intended use and technology.

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Waiting for a cool gadget: Neuros Audio

I sometimes write about gadgets that are cool. Quite a few of them is in the making, and it seems to be a trend to launch information about them, sites and even ordering – loooong before they ever ship. Which often makes us have to suffer the long wait and anticipation until they are released.

One such gadget is the Neuros MP3 Digital Audio Computer, its a neat concept. A radio, radio transmitter, MP3 (and hopefully Ogg Vorbis) player, it has mic and line in, the ability to record from radio and later on upload the “soundprint” to find out what song you were listening to, as well as all the other stuff you have come to expect from an MP3 player. It comes as a 128 MB RAM version and a 20 GB HD version. And they have promised to make the OS/UI for the unit open to everyone that wants to develop for it. A strike of genious that has worked out great for gadgets like the Palm organizer in the past. Its really going to be interesting to get to use it, and see if any cool new applications for it will surface from independent developers.

But first we have to try to gain a little more patience while we wait and wait and…


More rumors floating around about future Playstation 3 specs

c|net writes about a deal that puts Rambus in future PlayStation

From the looks of it, the Playstation 3 will be extremely powerful, at least compared to todays game consoles.

I have posted rumors about PS 3 earlier.


Pocket PC SD camera


This is a neat gadget – the SDCam is a camera for Pocket PCs with SD I/O ports. The camera is korean, and the pages are all in Korean, so if someone has a translation of the information posted on the page, I would be very happy to get it :-)

The basic info about the camera is:

It has a CMOS image capture chip (which should make it cheap to produce), and it can take pictures in 800×600, 640×480 and many other lower res modes. It has 2x and 4x digital zoom, video capture with audio, timer and many other neat features. Its on my christmas list already :-) hehe. Available for PocketPC 2000/2002

[Via Pocket PC Thoughts]


Thanks to Ronald, I found this very interesting SD Camera at Expansys, with support both for Palm and Pocket PC:

Spectec SD Camera for PPC and Palm. Looks like a must have — putting it on the top of my birthday/santa list ;-) — Only problem is that its not shipping. I found a posting on one of the Palm sites from August 2002 stating that it would soon ship.

Could someone please let me know how fast/slow soon is?


Having a good time with my new monitor :-)

171p_lg.jpgPretty perverted, huh?

The F.A.Porsche designed monitor from Samsung can be made to turn over on the side and let me browse the web at 1028×1280 – or work in Flash for example. :-) I think that is going to become my favorite position for it ;-)

Here’s some pictures just to give you some insight into how my world looks like when browsing the web and working different applications right now:

fw.gif jdb-browse.gif fm-browse.gif


Palm OS and Pocket PC on the same PDA

This is cool, I’ll get it installed on my iPaq as soon as I have the time – PocketPalm from the swedish company Kodeness is out in an early alpha version (don’t expect too much), and will let you run Palm OS programs on your Pocket PC device. PocketPalm promises to give me the best of both worlds on my iPaq, I can’t wait to try it out :-)

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flash gadgets

Macromedia optimize for XScale

Software tweaks seems to be the solution to the reported lack of extra speed in Pocket PCs with Intel’s newest XSscale processor.

ZDNet reports that “Several vendors, including Microsoft (with Windows Media Player), Macromedia, Real Networks and video decoder maker Packet Video, have said they will optimise for XScale.”. Which promises faster multimedia on new XScale powered devices such as Fujitsu-Siemens Loox and Toshiba E740

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