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PS3 Concept image

If this is anything like what the PS3 will look like, then sign me up for one right now! The picture is a concept picture that has been floating around on the web lately. More information about what we might expect from the PS3 has been revealed as well, from the VP of Sony Computer […]

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Gizmondo 1983

This is a cool retro version of a blog I haven’t been reading enough (it seems): Gizmodo 1983 – turn back the time 20 years and be impressed by the “new” gadgets. Not all too original, Wired has run something simular – but it sure is a lot of fun remembering the former cool gadgets, […]

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E Ink and Phillips with paper-like display

InfoSync World has an article about Philips E Ink technology. E Ink, Philips show paper-like display Philips and E Ink have unveiled a new paper-like display prorotype at the Society for Information Display (SID) show, boasting higher resolution than anything seen before. […] The display features a resolution at 160 pixels per inch (ppi), which […]

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Waiting for a cool gadget: Neuros Audio

I sometimes write about gadgets that are cool. Quite a few of them is in the making, and it seems to be a trend to launch information about them, sites and even ordering – loooong before they ever ship. Which often makes us have to suffer the long wait and anticipation until they are released. […]

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Pocket PC SD camera

This is a neat gadget – the SDCam is a camera for Pocket PCs with SD I/O ports. The camera is korean, and the pages are all in Korean, so if someone has a translation of the information posted on the page, I would be very happy to get it :-) The basic info about […]

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Palm OS and Pocket PC on the same PDA

This is cool, I’ll get it installed on my iPaq as soon as I have the time – PocketPalm from the swedish company Kodeness is out in an early alpha version (don’t expect too much), and will let you run Palm OS programs on your Pocket PC device. PocketPalm promises to give me the best […]

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Macromedia optimize for XScale

Software tweaks seems to be the solution to the reported lack of extra speed in Pocket PCs with Intel’s newest XSscale processor. ZDNet reports that “Several vendors, including Microsoft (with Windows Media Player), Macromedia, Real Networks and video decoder maker Packet Video, have said they will optimise for XScale.”. Which promises faster multimedia on new […]

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